Therapist recommendations in Vancouver, BC
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I'm interested in finding a therapist in Vancouver for help with anxiety issues. Specifications are below the fold.

At this time I'm interested in talk therapy, not drugs. My issues are primarily work-related, with some family baggage, and not relationship-oriented.

I don't want to prematurely rule out any therapy methods, but I have a very scientific bent and probably won't be able to seriously commit to anything that seems too wacky.

I can budget a few hundred dollars a month, but not very comfortably; I would need to see some potential for serious benefits within the first few sessions to justify the money.

Something in between UBC and Cambie would be ideal.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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I've seen a few therapists in the area for anxiety, and I quite like Lydia Kwa. Her downtown office is at the corner of West Pender and Carrall.

I have a very strong "artsy bullshit" detector which has caused friction with therapists in the past, but that hasn't been a problem with Lydia.
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See Mefimail.
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