Help my friend use her new ASUS300T
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New owner of an ASUS 300T tablet needs help. Can you point to some elementary user documentation in English or Chinese?

She hasn't much computer experience and for starts would like to download Google Chrome...any assistance would be appreciated.
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The first place to look for any apps is the Google Play Store. Android Tablets usually come preloaded with it. Once there, you can easily search for apps that you need.
I've also found Tablified Market HD to be a pretty useful app when looking for recommendations of apps that might be helpful or interesting to tablet users specifically, rather than mobile phone users.
posted by joboe at 10:47 AM on February 8, 2013

This link is for the extended 90-page manual, which you apparently don't get in the box. It's direct to a pdf.
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Don't download google chrome. It's basically garbage on tablets at this point. Get Dolphin instead.
posted by Oktober at 11:30 AM on February 8, 2013

Any chance that she can return the device and get a used iPad? The price points are fairly similar, and this device looks like it would be much harder for a novice user to use.
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