ADHD drugs to pass a test
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Should I try to get ADHD medication to study for a test?

Let me begging by apologizing, I don’t want to disrespect anyone who suffers ADHD. I know a ton of people here are dealing with a REAL ADHD problem.
Here is the story. Last week during a workshop at my son’s high school came up the question about teenagers taking ADHD medications to do well on school tests. The psychologist explained that those medications were stimulants that could help anyone perform better. He also mentioned that the body eliminates the medication within hours (he was not in favor of self-prescribing, he was just answering specific questions).
I ‘m about to graduate from college but still have a couple of general education classes pending (Biology) that I would like to Clep. I have not seen biology since 1982 so learning a semester worth of material will be a real challenge, and I don’t want to take the classes… no, I really don’t . Obviously, when I heard about the ADHD drugs I immediately saw a possible solution to my problem.
My questions:
How possible is to take the medication for let say a month, while studying for the test, and actually becoming able to memorize the material and pass?
If I speak with my primary doctor and tell him straight forward what I want to do, would he prescribe it? Obviously you don’t know my doctor and can’t predict what he would do but as a general rule, do doctors prescribe this kind of medications upon request? I don't think I can fake any symptoms just to get it.
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The traditional method is to buy it from the kid across the hall in the dorm, crush it, and snort it.

Are you really asking metafilter to help you do drugs?
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I would be very, very surprised if your doctor would help you do this. And I don't think you should try.
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Well, a lot of psychiatrists seem willing to do this, at least here in NYC. My understanding is that it takes about two months for ADD drugs to fully affect one's ability to concentrate.
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