Where to go in Chile and Argentina between Bariloche and El Chaltén?
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I am in Bariloche and I´m going to do the Nahuel Huapi Traverse the day after tomorrow (taking either 3 or 5 days if I have the time.) I want to get to El Chaltén and spend 5 days trekking around Monte Fitz Roy and Laguna Torre. I would also like to spend a day at Parque Nacional Los Glaciares near El Calafate. Then I have to get to Punta Arenas to fly out March 1st. That leaves me with a little less than a week to work with.

I was planning on going to Coyhaique from Bariloche and doing the 4 day trek around Cerro Castillo but it sounds so remote, I don´t know if it´ll work. I was thinking about the Navimag ferry but at 480 dollars, I can´t afford it. I promised friends I´d do Torres del Paine with them next year so I think I´ll wait on that.

So what should I do? Hang out more in the Lakes Region? Just go straight to Southern Patagonia and spend any extra days around there? Take shorter buses and make my way south more slowly?

I have a tent, stove, etc and trekking is the main goal along with not spending too much money.
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While I was in Argentina, I went to Ushuaia after El Calafate and loved it. The Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego is beautiful and I found Ushuaia itself really charming. YMMV. Of course, the lakes region is also beautiful, but I couldn't resist going to the Fin del Mundo.
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FYI: try to avoid spending excess time in Punta Arenas because it's one of the dullest towns in the entire region. (I spent 3 days there waiting for a ferry a couple years ago.)
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Best answer: There is not a lot between Bariloche and El Chaltén. Spend a day or two in El Bolson a couple of hours south, nice, relaxed place with some nice easy walks nearby. North of Bariloche you have Villa La Angostura which is a very nice little place too. You could easily kill a week between those two.

You don't say how you are going south. El Chalten Travel run a bus down Ruta 40 which takes 2 days and ranks as one of the highlights of my 18-month trip round South America. If you can afford it, do it.
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Oh, and when I say "there is not a lot between Bariloche and El Chaltén", it's not that there is a not a lot of interest, I mean there is literally nothing. On the bus down Ruta 40, on day 2 we did 800km, all of it on gravel roads and passed through one village of 100 people. It's an amazing ride.
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Response by poster: Thanks, jontyjago. I went ahead and booked my bus down to El Chaltén. Still have 5 or 6 days I´m not sure what to do with. So I guess now the question is what to do around El Chaltén, El Calafate, Puerto Natales, and Punta Arenas.

There´s a lot I want to do in Tierra del Fuego so I figure it´s best to save that for next summer as well.
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Response by poster: Well, I'm back home. I ended needing an extra day in El Chaltén because my food mysteriously disappeared while I was hiking so I needed to go back to town, adding a day to my hike. Other than that, I just chalked up bus rides as whole days, spending the rest of the day reading and going online, I went to Perito Moreno Glacier and Isla Magdalena and that was my trip. It ended up working out fine. Patagonia is beautiful and highly recommended, by the way.

Thanks, Metafilter!
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