What are the top PR websites to submit my new product?
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I need to market my software and my friends told me about a couple of PR websites but I can't recall them now.

My friends have a successful software company here in my city. They shared with me that you need to push press releases and when they get picked up, you get a bump in sales. I'll ask them again soon but I'm looking for your thoughts and recommendations.

I understand that some of the RP website have a yearly fee and that's ok.
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Cant speak to their effectiveness, but this is exactly what PR Newswire does. Think they use a sliding fee depending on how many you want to send out.
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Marketwire.com and Businesswire.com are the other two to think about. Newswire.ca if there is a Canadian connection.

It's not quite as simple as distribute, get picked up, get sales, so don't assume that sequence will automatically happen that way (or happen that quickly). Good PR takes time and effort.
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Not to be a dick, but next time it is probably better to be thinking about your go-to-market plan when you are still designing/developing the software. What your customers need, what you build for them, how you talk about what you've built, and where you talk about it are all interrelated and should be in alignment with one another.
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I used to work for PR Newswire as an editor, so I have a pretty good idea of what they do. And though you can tailor your release to particular segments and things like that, given what they charge (a LOT), you'd seriously be better off spending the money on a professional PR expert who can not only get press releases out for you, but who will follow up with reporters/websites/media outlets/etc.

Sending releases into the void is pretty much useless unless you have followup. Yes, there will be some places who just grab your release and run it as-is to fill space and maybe that nets you some eyeballs, but you can submit for cheap to online press release services and get much the same results.

In other words, Wired probably isn't combing their pile of releases looking for the perfect new thing to cover and today! it's! you!

But a good PR person already has existing relationships to draw on: "hey Joe, I know you've covered [x] before, got a new client with a Whoosiwhatsit, wanna check out their latest?" ----> much more helpful in the long run.
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Response by poster: I can't wait to compare this list with my friends. Thank you.
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