Need an employments right lawyer STAT
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A friend works overseas for a US-based defence contractor. He's been involved in a somewhat work-related incident in his country of work and his employer is, long story short, refusing to advise him, maybe even turning against him. Lots of details we don't want to put on the internet. Need to find a good attorney in the US that has specialization in working with employment rights, particularly in international situations for US based entities (not sure if the defence contractor part is relevant or not). If state matters, pick Texas.
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Is your friend a US citizen? And has he considered the potential application of local law to his employment situation? It seems like any answers you might get would also vary significantly depending on the nature of the "work-related incident"--e.g., discrimination allegations vs. workplace accident. Is there an embassy he can reach out to?
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Yeah - if he's with a defence contractor, there's a significant chance that he's somewhere without local lawyers who have links to US firms, which probably what he needs due to the complicated issues that'll arise. An embassy/consulate could point him on the right track to speaking with such a lawyer if one exists.
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My wife has represented defense contractors in disputes arising from their employment overseas before and I believe venue had to be either where they were hired or where the company was headquartered. Taking you at face value that you require an employment attorney, her go-to advice is to use the referral service at the National Employment Lawyer's Association
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I'd got with Lame_username's suggestion, and maybe check around Arlington County, Virginia (the headquarters of the company formerly known as Blackwater). There are at least a few lawyers around that area that have handled cases that sound similar.
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