What's the most popular music among 5 year old (Serbo-Croatian) girls?
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I want to fill an old i-pod mini with pop music for a 5 year old girl. What kind of music do kids this age like? If the answer is Justin Bieber I'm okay with that.

She's Croatian and doesn't know English so if you happen to know pop stars or children's shows that she'd like, that would be great. Otherwise, English-language music is best.
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Kidz Bop Cd's..... they are kinda cheesy but age appropriate versions of real pop music. And there are a ton of them.
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My 4-year-old likes Casper Babypants, Lady Gaga, They Might Be Giants (they have several kids albums now, who knew?), and Jawbreaker.
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Best answer: The Beatles are still loved by the five year olds I know.
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My go-to recommendation for this question is to look at the playlist for the two Just Dance Kids games (1, 2). A lot of diversity, and they are all songs carefully chosen because of their appeal to little kids.
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Best answer: You can probably find Beatles songs where the (English-language) lyrics are pretty simple and repetitive. Early Beatles especially. My 5-year-old loves the Barenaked Ladies' kids' album Snacktime, I think for both the melodies and the words. He's also a big Dan Zanes fan, and also up-tempo Sheryl Crow. Whatever song Beyonce sang at the Super Bowl last Sunday was actually a hit too.

Harcsa Veronika is Hungarian...not super-far from Croatia, though I don't know if she's known in Croatia or not. Her songs are kind of jazz chanteuse-y. My kid likes her version of "Spooky," most famously sung by Dusty Springfield.
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SteveSongs is great -- kids music, yes, but fun and poppy without being annoying.
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I watch a lot of Eurovision (oh boy, do I watch Eurovision) and I was enchanted with Nina. Her song Caroban was really poppy and fun. Extra points because Nina is Serbian.
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I've never met a kid that didn't like No! by They Might Be Giants.

Also, this boxed set is amazing: Songs From The Street.

Most young kids pick up language quickly, so I wouldn't worry too much about the language barrier.
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This is the playlist from a CD I burned as a party favour for my kid's 7th birthday. It was a big hit with kids and parents alike.

African Alphabet Song - The Muppets with Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Dance This Mess Around - The B 52's
Day - O (Banana Boat Song) - Harry Belafonte
La Valse À Mille Temps - Jacques Brel
Octopus's Garden - The Beatles
Rock Lobster - The B - 52's
Salade de fruits - Bourvil/Fernandel
Yr Mama - Duplex
Pata Pata - Miriam Makeba
Put da Lime inda Coconut (Drin - The Muppets
Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla (Pronouns) - Schoolhouse Rock
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
Whip It - Devo
ABC - Jackson 5
We Will Rock You - Queen
Limbo Rock - Trini Lopez
I'm Sticking With You - The Velvet Underground

Really, most early Beatles, B-52's, some Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody), Harry Belafonte, these are good. Novelty songs, even if she can't understand the words, if the singing is fun enough. Think Witch Doctor and the like.
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There is a =lot= of top-notch kid's music out there right now; it's probably more vibrant than the alternative or pop genres currently are. Here's a good blog to get you started - Pandora also has a few channels of new kid's music.

My current faves are Elizabeth Mitchell, Caspar Babypants (former Presidents of the USA front-man), Agent 23Skiddoo and Randy Kaplan.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your answers. I went with early Beatles because I own an album and that was the easiest solution. I'll keep watching this thread for ideas for ideas for future gifts!
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I have a Girl Scout troop with girls aged 5-9, and I got totally made fun of for playing the Beatles one night. "Stop playing that weird music!" "Don't you have any music that isn't weird?" And this was early stuff. Like Love Me Do. I LOVED the Beatles when I was their age, but kids these days, I don't know, shaking my fist get off my lawn etc.

I'd put some Aqua (Barbie Girl, Candyman) on there. The high-pitched insipid stuff is a crowd-pleaser for the under 8 set.
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My 4 year old loves "Call me maybe". And actually "Gangnam style", but I feel a little bad about that.

Also likes They Might Be Giants and the wizard of oz soundtrack.
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When my daughter was that age she was a huge fan of the Brian Waite Band (along with many of the other people listed above).
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My Littlest Goddaughter (age 5) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES Adele.
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My five year old niece loves, loves, loves Blondie.
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mgogol, don't feel bad. Those are exactly the songs & artists I was coming to post - minus the Wizard of Oz. Also a band called Rolie Polie Guacamole.
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My daughter loves stuff with strong guitar riffs and female vocalists - The Gossip are currently a big favourite, same with The Grates and PJ Harvey. She also loves M.I.A's Bad Girls but I kinda feel bad about my three year old singing "live fast, die young, bad girls do it well" so I have her on a strict diet for that. She would probably love Adele as well, thinking about it.

She also quite likes Gorillaz and Nine Inch Nails, but again, the lyrics aren't so child friendly.
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The kids I know around that age really like Abba.

This song by the Great Lakes Swimmers is poppy and fun: "See You on the Moon!"
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