So creamy!
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My Google-Fu has utterly failed me on this. Can anyone help me find this specific blog post about baking steel-cut oats?

Okay, so this is a little odd, I make baked steel-cut oats all the time. I'm not looking for a recipe for it.

What I'm looking for is a blog post I read about a year ago, written by a woman, about how she makes baked steel-cut oats. There was a story in it about her husband having steel-cut oatmeal while they were on vacation? At a bed-and-breakfast, maybe? He loved them because they were "so creamy!" But, no time to make in the AM at home, steel-cut oats take too long, so she bakes them the night before (1 cup oats, 3 cups water, pinch of salt) at 300° F for 1 hour, cools them and keeps the oatmeal in the fridge to be microwaved in the mornings. I think the post title might even have been called something like "One Minute Steel-Cut Oats."

I've searched using Google, Google Reader,, (my regular recipe search engines). It's not a post from any of my regular foodie blogs (101 Cookbooks, Amateur Gourmet, Bitten Word, Danny/Gwyneth Project, Homesick Texan, Kitchn, Last Night's Dinner, Orangette, Poor Girl Gourmet, Thursday Night Smackdown [RIP, sniff!], Smitten Kitchen, or Spice Spoon).

I feel like it might have been a link from the Kitchn, but I've been through all their posts about steel-cut oats and couldn't find anything.

I can't for the life of me remember how I came across this blog post. Hope?
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Best answer: Is it this one? I googled '"creamy" steel cut oats "husband"'.
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Best answer: This one?

Two Minute Weekday steel-cut Oatmeal

My google search was: "steel cut oats" creamy husband
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Best answer: Thirding. Google terms: husband "steel cut" creamy
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Response by poster: YES!

I swear I Googled every combination of "husband" "steel cut oats" "creamy" I could think of.


Honestly, sometimes you just have to ask so the universe can have a laugh at you.
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For what it's worth, had an article about steel cut oats in their "You're Doing It Wrong" series.
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Response by poster: Oatmeal (rolled or steel-cut) is really just a great other-yummy-ingredients-delivery device.

Some things I've eaten on oatmeal (not all at once): applesauce; kale; eggs-n-cheese; red chile; green chile; dried fruit; peanut butter; almond butter; almond milk; soy milk; cow milk; lots of butter and brown sugar; fruit preserves of any sort; leftover tofu; trail mix; coconut flakes; soy sauce; chocolate-covered almonds; salt-n-peppa; olive oil; sun-dried tomatoes; bacon; Nutella.
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