Viral, Art, or otherwise "Cool" Video Project
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My creative brain is itching to try my hand at recording and making a short video of sorts ... and I'm looking for ideas!

Here's what you need to know:

- I have a DSLR with a 50mm and 18-250mm lens
- I'm not promoting any product or idea (though if someone has a good enough idea, I'm open)
- I live in Los Angeles, urban setting
- I'm not afraid to talk to people or use random people off the street - if I believe in what I'm doing
- I have some budget should it be needed for something

What's the point you ask? There is no point. I just want to do it for fun.

I once recorded a video using a small canon attached to a poll that faced me as I walked around a park. It offered a neat perspective to viewers. It was fun to make and the people I showed it seemed to enjoy watching it.

Any and all ideas of what I could go out and shoot and produce for a short video are welcome. If something sticks, I'd be happy to share the end result.
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One of my favorite art projects is Shelly Jackson's "Skin" which was a short work of fiction written one tattoo at a time on many many people.

You could shoot hundreds of people saying one word at a time from a predetermined list to create and audio and video sample bank. You could stitch them together in "super cuts" to recreate speeches from history, poetry, jokes, or entire movie or tv scripts.

you could make the sample bank available to the public via a youtube channel and let people mess around with it like video magnetic poetry.

There is a good William Shatner iPhone app that does this with audio only (it's called Shat-oetry).

If you use a diverse range of people... and the initial content remixes are clever, I bet a commercial studio will steal your idea and make a Doritos Commercial with it.
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Second Idea

Shoot 24 hours of you living a normal day... make the footage available and have a contest to let people edit and remix your day into 3 interesting minutes.

If you have enough interesting conversations and visit enough pretty places, people could easily edit it into a comedy, a mystery, or a Kafkaesque mind bender.

will also probably be stolen for a commercial.
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