Can someone point me towards a GUI noise generator for the mac?
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Can someone point me towards a GUI noise generator for the mac?

I've been generating white, pink, blue and violet noise from the command line. I'd like to shift between them gracefully and I'd like to be able to corrupt them a bit on the fly. Killing the CLI process and restarting it with different parameters makes for a silent pause and even overlapping multiple processes makes for audible unpleasantness as one sound is abruptly terminated. Does anyone know of something I can use? Please help save me from Xcode.
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...Side question, but how do you generate those from the command line? Are you outputting from some program into a device? I'm not afraid of writing a simple program to generate data to pipe someplace, I just want to know what to pipe where.
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I had it in my Applications folder already, and knew it was what you were looking for.
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I've been using Csound for a long time now (mostly for HCI sonification or psychoacoustics), and it's great if you've got some time to hack around, but not so much when you're time poor.

You can generate pretty much anything in Csound, but it's not a particularly dynamic process. I had in mind sliders. Sliders are good.

'CsndX' is a GUI that throws score and orchestra files at Csound, so it's fairly familiar territory, but not quite what I had in mind. 'Noise' is good if I just want to amplitude shift pure white and pink noise and might make for a decent starting point if I'm going to go write something.
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SuperCollider looks interesting too, and might do some of the more complicated stuff, though the mention of SmallTalk brings back 'the horror'...
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