Shopping for used and/or new engagement ring in Paris
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Looking to propose to my girlfriend imminently(!!!) Part of the proposal is an adventure overseas in order to find the perfect engagement ring (and have a good time). I'm looking for tips on which shops to visit. I'm hoping we'll find a nice antique ring that suits her perfectly, but am open to new rings as well.

The primary destination is Paris, but if that turns up nothing, it would be just as fun to jump a train to Ghent or Amsterdam and look around there for a day. However, I would mainly like to focus on shops in and around Paris. Particularly those specializing in antique or estate rings. Regarding the ring, pretty much set on a solitary diamond but the final ring will be whatever is perfect for her. Also, to complicate matters, we're limited in how long we can spend there due to work obligations and our main search will likely take place over a weekend and a few days. Many thanks hive mind!
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Try browsing the antique shops at Le Louvre des Antiquaires at Palais Royale.
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Check if there's a jewellery sale at Drouot?
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I don't have any particular suggestions on where to go, but don't forget to look into your home country's laws on duty-free exemptions for goods being brought back into the country. Exemptions for the U.S. and Canada, for example, are less than the cost of some engagement rings.
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Le Champboux at approximately 17 Rue de Lyon in the 12th. It is between a Rochebobois and a cafe called Le Paris. Street View. Memail me if you want more information on my experience buying jewelry there.
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I have an engagement ring from Adin Jewelers of Antwerp, Belgium--purchased online--and was happy with their service. I thought they had a Paris store, but their website doesn't say they do as far as I can tell. Their glossary might help you and your intended describe to jewelers what you're looking for. Have fun!
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