FinnAir baggage weight policy
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Does FinnAir (in your recent experience) enforce its 8kg/18lb weight limit for carry-on bags in economy class?

(By enforce, I mean actually weigh.)

My one bag is a modest, new-looking backpack (not pushing any of their size limits), if that matters in their perception. (It is a backpack but I don't look like a 'backpacker').

I'll be flying JFK-HEL-VIE and back.
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Whenever this subject comes up on flyertalk, the answer is that as long as your bag is the right size, they will never weigh it.

For absolute maximum safety, check-in online and eliminate the only place that they are likely to double check.
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Not in my experience. I fly to Helsinki at least 5 times a year and I've never had hand baggage weighed.
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The only other thing that might make them weigh your bag is if you yourself are unable to lift it into the overhead compartment.
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I flew Finnair about six months ago. They did not weigh my hand luggage. It was a small backpack.
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Thanks all! Indeed, there was no weighing (and with online check-in, no point where there would've been any means to weigh), either JFK-HEL or HEL-VIE.
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