Can you help me, I'm loved up over someone Down Under?
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How to bring a Melbourne woman a little romance from half a world away?

I live in the UK, my SO lives in Melbourne. Unfortunately we won't be together again until July. Suggestions for something I can do from ten thousand miles away to bring a little romance into her life come February 14th? Any Melbourne shops, businesses, experiences, clever ideas that might be a little bit special and arrangeable from here? Many thanks.
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What kinds of things does she like? My personal pick for a solo valentine's day in Melbourne would be a long trip to Miss Fox for a bunch of spa treatments.
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Best answer: Agree with Miss Fox, OR even better, Aurora Day Spa. With Miss Fox, the customer service has been varied for me. Aurora Day Spa is the ultimate in pampering!

Once, my then boyfriend (now husband), bought me a nice restaurant meal with my closest girlfriend when he couldn't be around for my birthday. That was an insanely wonderful gesture that gave me hours chatting to my bestie, an excuse to get dolled up, and made brownie points happen crazily for him!

Is there something in particular she wants to learn? The CAE does a huge range of short courses that are great for vouchers, and a great way to be in the Melbourne CBD. (Disclaimer, I do contract work for them, but they really are great for adult classes!)

Is there anything you like doing together? I live in Melbourne, and could give you a ton of ideas if you gave us more details on what she likes and what the two of you would usually do together! Also happy to recommend restaurants, cafes, shops and the such if you give me an indication of price range and type!
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You guys have discovered Skype or one of the various video chat options right?

One thing my SO and I have been doing is watching seasons of Star Trek TNG together one episode at a time over skype, where we'll both have video of each other open in a small second window over the episode and can chat while we watch it. We've found this also works great for movies, perhaps you guys could watch some cheezy RomCom together on the big day?
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Response by poster: Well, she likes yoga, good coffee, good food, chocolate, flowers, beautiful things, nature, people...erm...expensive but simple and spiritual tastes I guess would sum her up. Things that vindicate life and pleasure. So spa would be good, something for her and her best friend there to do would be a good idea too (lunch, dinner etc), wide open to possibilities as long as I can arrange from here!
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Send her and her friend on a chocolate walking tour in the city.
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When Amanda Palmer was performing in Melbourne on her birthday, Neil Gaiman sent her some burlesque dancers to surprise her with a routine.
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Cupcake Queens have a Valentine's day special at the moment on a dozen cupcakes. They are so cute and I have used them before.

What about a balloon delivery or roses to her workplace?

Google is your friend here, just add Melbourne to your request.

I also like a big package made up of things from your hometown or things that remind you of her, but it's getting a bit late for that now.

Good luck!
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Just had a quick look on my site. Sarah Blasko and Cirque du Soleil both have performances on Valentine's Day in Melbourne.
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Best answer: If she likes "expensive but simple and spiritual" I would 100% go for spa at Aurora Day Spa. Aurora is also conveniently located at St Kilda Beach, and there are about a gazillion restaurants on Fitzroy Street within walking distance that you can lunch her and her bestie up at. If you want to go really luxe, get her a luncheon at Circa (in the same building as Aurora). Then maybe for post spa, dessert at one of the many cake/sweet shops in Acland St (also walking distance). Perhaps enlist help of her best friend? Also - write her a heartfelt letter and have the bestie deliver it!
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Best answer: Come on! Write her a poem, write her a love letter, draw her a picture. Send her a song. Don't just buy something. Who lovingly remembers that great day spa voucher they got once?!!
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