Last minute Valentine's Day dinner in Manhattan!
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I'd like recommendations in Manhattan for an off the beaten path Italian restaurant that would likely still have tables available for a Valentine's Day dinner. We are in our mid 20s and price isn't an issue. Just something romantic and delicious. Many of the famous restaurants are all booked and that's fine with me - I'd prefer something a little less known. Please, any recommendations or personal experiences!
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I'm not sure what the beaten path is these days in New York, but I've been to dell'anima and the pasta there was disgustingly good, the ambience very romantic.
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Trattoria L'incontro in Astoria is AMAZING. Though I bet they're already packed pretty tight for V-Day.
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Oops, sorry, I see you said Manhattan. Just a few stops outside of Manhattan on the N train though :D
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La Bottega in the Maritime hotel. The atmosphere is beautiful.
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Saluggi's! excellent food, but not very fancy, and not exactly romantic. But small, intimate, with excellent food.
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Dell'anima and L'artusi are excellent but both show only 11pm tables for 2 on 2/14. Their newest venture L'apicio also only has 10:30pm.

However, while on OpenTable I saw that Il Buco Alimentari has a table for 8:30pm for 2 (perhaps a cancellation?).
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Il Buco Alimentari is in fact TEH BEST but it is often family style seating which might not be romantic.
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Via Emilia is my favorite.
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Also, just to chime in-- a restaurant may only allocate part of its available tables to OpenTable. So, always call to make a reservation! Chances are there may be a spot open even if the online reservations appear to be booked for your desired time.
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Bistango might still take reservations. Delicious.
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