Good inexpensive home telephone headset?
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Can anyone recommend a decent inexpensive telephone headset for home use?

I'm just looking for something to plug into my cordless phone. I don't have the business-like budget for high end products such as those made by Plantronics, but surely someone has found one at Wal-Mart/Target/Best Buy that doesn't just suck.

The past few I've tried have been inaudible on send, receive, or both. I have about 4 cordless phones at home--different models and/or brands--so I really think it's the headsets. I used to have one that worked well, but it fell apart.
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I have a few of these cheapo plantronics ones around the house. They sound fine (no complaints on either end). They're not terribly durable, but they're only $13.
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I went the elcheapo route, and got this one from RadioShack.

Used it for hours at a stretch, it's comfortable.
Had no complaints regarding inaudibility.
I hear with it just fine.
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I absolutely love this one (about $15-20 "street" price). For both cellular and cordless phones. Crystal clear.
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I use a cheap (40UKP) Plantronics headset, very good I can wear it for an hour or more before I feel any discomfort. Better in many ways then some of the more expensive sets I've used at various offices.
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Late follow-up. I ended up buying a Jabra Earbud, and it's awesome. I can hear. They can hear. Everyone's happy.

It comes from Hello Direct, so the shipping is steeper than a direct Amazon order, and it took a few extra days to come in, but it's a nice item and still cost less than buying directly from the manufacturer.

Thank you Caviar for the lead that got me there.
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