Hotels with jacuzzi driving distance from Long Island
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I want to take my awesome boyfriend away from a relaxing weekend in a hotel with an in-room jacuzzi tub. We are in Long Island, but location is less important than the hotel itself, so I am interested in anywhere within a couple hour's driving distance from NYC. Budget is $200/night, although I would spend a bit more for something really nice.

I have seen this previous askme, but it's a bit out of my price range, and of course I've seen the hilarious champagne glass hottub, which is sadly also out of my price range.
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Oh.. Poconos/Stroudsburg Holiday Inn Express has in room Jacuzzi, looks like $147 per night when I choose a random night in March. I stayed there close to 15 years ago, not bad, we had to get pizza delivered, no restaurant when we stayed.
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You may have some luck with AirBNB's in the area. Just click around the map to look around. I've used it a bunch and have nothing but good stuff to say.
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