Brain Art Dance Thing Seeks Name
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Help name this event: It's a day long event starting with an art show, leading into an evening of music and experiential art, and it's aim is to celebrate the creative works of those with mental illness. The higher goal is to destigmatize mental illness and educate attendees about the services available in the community. I like Revisionary Ball but someone else has claimed "Revisionary". Any ideas out there?
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What do you mean "someone else?" Is the other someone in your town or likely to be confused with this event somehow?

I ask because I title a lot of events, and unless there is a possibility of direct confusion with an existing event that is nearby or otherwise well known, or a negative reflection on your own brand, you should go ahead and use it if you like it. Titles aren't proprietary, and we're all working with the same language, so it's pretty hard to come up with something never imagined before.

I'm sure people here will have some great suggestions, but just wanted to say you don't have to worry about the fact that someone else used a similar title unless somehow it's really uncomfortably close to your event or a direct concept ripoff.
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Response by poster: @ Miko: Good point. A good friend of mine (local) uses ReVisionary as a business name, but may not mind it's use in a different context.

Still looking for more suggestions though!
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Since it's an all day event encompassing many art forms and showcasing available resources, I would avoid words like "Ball" or "Gala" that imply a single evening party or benefit. If that sort of event is part of it, it needs a separate title. Here's a few ideas for an overarching name.

Inner Voices
No Limits
Raw Talent
Enchanted or Enchantment
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Something to do with duende?
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Best answer: Silver Linings Picturebook

Beautiful Circuits

Strange Loop

Gray Matter Rainbow

White Matter Prism
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Response by poster: Thank you for the ideas! Beautiful circuits is the most popular so far, but sadly, the event may be morphing downward to an art show with an opening night. Not quite where we started...
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