A knock-off of a knock-off?
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Hey, Metafilter. I missed out on getting this dress last year at H&M. It also came in yellow. I've been looking for similar sleeveless, A-line, chiffon shirtdresses ever since. Can you help me find one?

It needs to have a full skirt and not be see-through. Bonus points if it isn't super short and has a v-shaped neckline like the H&M one.
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I find that Modcloth is a great resource in situations like this. They have a huge inventory of dresses, often with tons of variation around a theme. I've definitely seen sleeveless shirtdresses there before, but I can't promise a non-sheer chiffon shirt-dress that is the length you want* and the exact neckline and the color you're looking for, etc etc etc. But you stand a much stronger chance of finding it on Modcloth than going to every Fast Fashion superstore in your area.

*The great thing about Modcloth is that they list the measurements of the clothes to facilitate situations like yours. Find a dress you like and measure the length of it. Compare that number to the number in the description and it should be pretty easy to avoid a too-short skirt.
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Best answer: How about this one?
It's a bit longer than the one you linked, and it would be more v-necked with the top button undone.
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Best answer: I am wearing the exact Asos dress linked above, and I've received compliments all morning on it.
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I came in to recommend Modcloth as well. I also like to read the reviews on Modcloth, since people will post their measurements and which size fit them. But be warned, you will end up buying ALL THE DRESSES.
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Here's another one that's similar to H&M one, and from Modcloth, too!
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Hey soooooo I browsed Modcloth so you didn't have to! (Why, yes, I am broke and living vicariously through somebody else's new dress.)

Your exact specifications, but only available in Large right now.

This is a black chiffon sleeveless shirtdress, but isn't exactly like your link. It's sheer at the shoulder, but otherwise fully lined.

Sleeveless shirtdress. Not sheer. Cute neck detail. Not chiffon, though, and the fabric pattern is pretty wild. It seems like they might have this dress in other colors/patterns, though?

Exactly what you want, except in pink with navy and white details. Or, seafoam with navy and white details.

Here's a sleeveless chiffon shirtdress in a longer length.

Everything you want, but in a kind of crazy swan print. Maybe you'll love it?

This one has a pretty chevron pattern that would be very office appropriate.

This one has more of a V neck, and is two-toned.

Here's another longer one. This one has an asymmetrical hem which you could probably get altered easily to be a midi length. Though I think this particular asymmetrical hem is nice.

Pretty in blue and green.

This one is purple and looks like it has a lace inset at the shoulders.

Teal, with a faux-leather accent that might be up your alley, or might be too trendy. (I'd also worry about the "leather" looking cheap at this price point.)

This is about four pages of dress results. You could possibly find something even better if you dug deeper.
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One thing about Modcloth is, pay very careful attention to the sizes. I have a couple of dresses from Modcloth and they were sized terrifyingly small compared to what I would normally buy. Double check your sizes, and order larger than you would expect just the same.
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Best answer: As a general rule, I find that anything I like at H&M can be replicated pretty closely on asos.com. I love that site, despite its effect on my bank account...sigh.
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Response by poster: I'm probably the only person under the age of 25 who has never liked Modcloth (except for how people post detailed reviews and pictures of themselves wearing the stuff; that is awesome). It's sort of too twee, if that makes any sense.

The Asos dress would have been perfect, but it's sold out in my size. Seriously, though, perfect. I'll look at Asos.

Thank you for all the links! If anyone finds anything else, feel free to post it. I don't really care about color; it's more about the shape of the dress.
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Not quite the same and not chiffon, but Target actually has some cute dresses that are semi-similar.

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Keep an eye on Asos. Stuff regularly comes back into stock as people return stuff!
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I found three sort of similar options on ShopStyle, but nothing really close.

Have you tried monitoring eBay for a few weeks? I see current auctions for your exact H&M dress (I think) in pale pink, in size 6 and UK size 8.
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Response by poster: So I managed to order one of the ASOS dresses recommended in the first couple of comments, but the package somehow got lost in the mail and never made it to me. I guess the hunt continues. Thanks anyway, MeFi.
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