How do I download a folder of emails in Hotmail to my mac?
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I've been using Hotmail for ages and I have a bunch of important emails going back two years which I need to organise and print out. Hotmail isn't very good at opening up multiple emails or printing them out so I'd like to download them to my macbook. They are currently sitting in their own folder in my Hotmail account. How do I download this folder and what software should I use?
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Set up FreePOPs , or Outlook or Thunderbird or something and POP the folder off to your computer: Send and receive Hotmail from an email app.
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Response by poster: I don't wish to download the whole of my inbox. I just want to download this folder of emails. As I understand it you can only download your inbox from hotmail and not a subfolder. Is this correct?
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I backup my Hotmail emails using Thunderbird. AFAIK it only downloads from the Inbox, so here's my current (convoluted) solution:

What I did was empty the inbox (ie. move existing mails to Inbox_2) and then with POP setup I transfer the subfolder emails to inbox. In Thunderbird these would show up as "new email" and download them. On both the webmail and Tbird interfaces I then move this batch of emails back to the respective subfolder.

Any new emails in Inbox, I just repeat the same process before filing them.
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