I wanna be French.
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Help me find an army green and furry-hooded coat like the one pictured!

I just watched the movie "Paris" (2008) and admired the coat Juliette Binoche was wearing (pictured here). It's not the most unique coat ever, but I'm looking for something really warm and cozy with a furry hood (real fur or fake is fine). Ideally the furry part of the hood would be close to the face for maximum coziness (Minnesotan here). Any greenish color is good.

Or maybe I just want to be French. Any ideas?
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Not sure if you are already aware of this but what you're looking for is often referred to as an Anorak (or Snorkel Parka).
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Several parka options by Marmot. The Montreaux coat got me through a Swedish winter, so I can personally attest to its superb coziness.
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Winnipegger here ... I have a London Fog coat similar to this (but not quite), and it's soft n' cozy, with a faux-fur lined hood. Our winters are similar, so it should definitely be sufficient.
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The US Air Force N-3B parka is kind of the original of this style, so googling that will get you a ton of versions, from military surplus to various civilian knockoffs.
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LL Bean has one in a brown-ish green.

Asos has a TON of them in various price points:
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This one from Asos looks fairly close, they seem to have a couple sizes available on eBay.
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That's just a parka with fur trim. You have tons of options. I have a down-filled one from LL Bean. They don't seem to have a green color in stock for the women's Baxter State Parka model at the moment, but I can tell you the coat is so warm, I've barely worn it since I'm living in the southeast US and it just doesn't get cold enough to warrant a down parka very often here. One time I wore it for a walk in the woods on a sub-freezing, windy day and ended up taking it off because I got too hot. It would be perfect for standing around waiting for the bus in Minnesota.
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Oh, and regarding the fur trim of the hood fitting close to the face: my LL Bean parka hood envelops the sides of my face so much, it gives me tunnel vision. I can't possibly drive with the hood up or even partway up because it takes away all my peripheral vision. The men's model comes in a dull green color (loden) that might work for you if you're not too petite.
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Lands End. LOVE my coat.
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Spiewak parka - here's one example, and another.
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This one from Soia & Kyo?
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Another option.
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