What's a trustworthy online store where I can import goods from Japan?
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I live in Europe and I would like to import some Japanese products as a Birthday gift for someone. What I'm looking for is traditional food/spices and things like pillows or bedding (two very different categories). What is a trustworthy online store I can use?

I've started looking around, but most online stores I've found either sell "Japanese-style" products or consist of many tiny retailers that ship from Japan, but charge separately for each shipment (so if I want to get a couple of different kinds of products they would more than likely be shipped and charged separately and not arrive at the same time). Others claim they are selling Japanese products, but seem to mostly sell those cute plastic toys. I'm not looking for anime or manga style gifts - more for items that someone who has visited and loved the country for its nature, food, and history would enjoy.

Can anyone recommend an online store that might sell these kinds of items (and import directly from Japan)? Does such a thing even exist, where I can buy two categories in one shipment, or is my only option buying from one of those big online marketplaces that are fragemented? What I'm mostly worried about is having things come in tiny batches as well as ordering some sort of knockoff.
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You might try J-List. They're a reputable Japanese importer. There's definitely a lot of stuff on this site that would appeal to anime fans, but there's kitchen stuff and other housewares, as well as a great selection of food and snacks too. It might not be precisely what you're looking for, but it's definitely worth a glance.
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Yeah, came in here to recommend J-List. One stop shopping for all the J-Goodies.
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Thirding J-List. I've ordered (non-anime, food-related items) from them here in France, always had good experiences. The products I ordered were all good quality.
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Thanks! It looks like it has a pretty varied selection, I should have no trouble finding something suitable there.

Apologies if this isn't the right way to respond to your answers (that is, putting my comment as another answer in the thread); I'm new to MF
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