Best mobile data provider in Montreal?
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I want to replace my cell phone with a mobile data plan and VOIP client. What's the most cost-effective option in the Montreal, Quebec area? Snowflake details inside.

I recently got my hands on a portable 3G hotspot device. If I stick my cell phone's sim card into it it provides a handy wi-fi hotspot I can connect all my devices to. Since there are now many free and cheap VOIP options to choose from, I was thinking that if I got an all-data plan it might be cheaper to use VOIP than to pay the cell phone company for minutes. I am also planning on starting a business in a couple of years and would like the flexibility of VOIP to be able to take customer calls anywhere I happen to be, with whatever device I happen to be using. Aside from the VOIP, I'd also like to use it for the usual internet stuff, checking e-mail, watching streams, browsing, if I could find a decently priced option maybe even a torrent now and then.

Ideally, I could take this all over Canada without paying any kind of roaming fees, and an option for affordable roaming to the U.S would be important too, since I'm usually south of the border for about 2 weeks a year.
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If you don't get an answer here, try posting this query to /r/montreal – you're more likely to find local advice there.
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