What's the newest/bestest way to sync browser data across browsers & PCs
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What is the best (non-keyboard based) way to evolve my amalgamation of browser installs, saved passwords, bookmarks, and maybe settings/extensions into a cohesive, probably exclusively Chrome-based, install?

So right now I'm at the end of the Firefox phase of my life and I'm also nearly ready to configure the browser install on my new HTPC build as well as reinstall a few other OS's around the house.

The bad part is that means I'm going to need to A) clean, B) cull dead links, C) organize, D) plan the future of, and E) transfer the things I mentioned above. I understand that A, C, and D are likely manual tasks by definition. But the culling and transferring is something I'd rather automate if possible.

I've recently gained a bit of a better understanding of the Chrome side of things (sync) and know that I can disable it and or remove certain machines from being synced... That's helpful but planning out how to best get the things that should be transferred (not forgetting the Firefox side of things) and then setting the isolation as needed (like my office/work computer not needing to have my home bookmarks for example) still needs some work.

What tools/resources/hints/tips do you have that might be useful?

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I use Firefox sync to sync passwords, bookmarks, tabs, extensions and history. Don't you want to do that?
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Yes, Firefox sync is good. I use LastPass for passwords so I don't have to worry about them, and they recently bought XMarks that does the same thing for bookmarks. You can't really port settings and extensions between Firefox and Chrome though; they're different.
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So I guess clean things up, then use firefox sync, then use lastpass to get the passwords over to chrome.

I understand extensions/settings won't port, that's fine but what about bookmarks? No favorite apps for that out there?
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I like Booknote Importer, which sends all your bookmarks to Evernote.

You can then have all your bookmarks synced and group them by home and work (while you're importing them, you can import and organize them into folders with the computer name on them and then amalgamate.) It provides a permanent backup for your bookmarks too which is handy.
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You can export the bookmarks from Firefox and import them into Chrome if you want: just start Chrome and it will ask you the first time if you want to do that. Otherwise do it manually, using the menus. No app required.
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Booknote Importer might be just the thing, doubly so because I'm looking at introducing myself to Evernote as a Instapaper/reminder/life-cataloging replacement anyway and will be starting down that road soon as well.

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I currently use Chrome on my home machine, and am forced to use IE7 on a work-issued laptop.

A combination of Xmarks and LastPass fulfill my needs nicely. (Just make sure to disable the Chrome sync bookmarks function, which you can disable just the bookmarks and not the other sync functions under Advanced, as Xmarks will get confused.)

I personally have reservations around using a browser to keep track of passwords, even though it might be convenient. But that's just me.
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Blech, Booknote Importer is Mac, so much for that.

Thanks all for the rest of the pointers.
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Xmarks can sync cross platform, and allow for setting up different filters. Also seconding disabling any syncing of Chrome bookmarks with any other kind of browser, because things can get messed up in a hurry.
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Also seconding disabling any syncing of Chrome bookmarks with any other kind of browser, because things can get messed up in a hurry.

This is kinda where I'm at, messed up that is.
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