Long-shot filter: is there a "family tree" for the book City of Dreams?
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Based on AskMe's recommendation, I'm reading City of Dreams. I like it a lot, but would like to see a family tree to help me keep the plot. Anybody got one?

I really enjoy books that deal with multiple generations and complicated family trees, like this book portrays. In this one, however, I'm having serious problems keeping the plot together as the families grow, and co-mingle or separate.

To make matters more difficult, the book skips as much as 50 years at a time. So it's hard to keep track of the overarching, multi-generational story line, and whose kid belongs to whom. (Especially after four generations or 700 pages.)

It occurred to me to start writing down my own version of the book's family tree about 200 pages ago, from memory, just to help keep track. But it has massive holes in it, from about 1690ish - 1740ish. Ugh. I don't want to go back and figure it out.

So! Does anyone happen to know of a family tree that will help me remember lineage, and therefore the beef between the families, and therefore the larger plot?

If anybody can answer this, I will send so many internet hugs. Thanks!
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Too funny--in 2009, when I reviewed City of Dreams, I said the same thing: "In fact, my biggest complaint with the book was that I had significant difficulty keeping the bloodlines straight from generation to generation; I would become so wrapped up in each story's specificities that I often forgot who was related (by blood or adoption) to who. This might sound like a nit-picky complaint, but I feel the volume would have greatly benefited from the inclusion of a family tree."

When I googled in 2009, there wasn't one. Will be watching this thread for more information.
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Best answer: Actually, jackpot! Looks like some editions of the novel have a family tree, according to googlebooks (should be visible in the preview on page 12).
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