Recent New York assault weapons law: I need clear information.
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New York enacted the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act. Where can I find some clear, non-looney, information on how this effects me and my firearms?

When NY passed this new law, I assumed I really would not be affected. While three (maybe four) of my firearms are on the banned list, they were all purchased before the 1994 ban. I filled out all the paperwork the dealer provided and didn't think NY's new law would really effect me.

But I got a shiver when I read the story of Nathan Haddad, who faces 35 years in prison after police found five unloaded 30 round magazines in his car.

I've got more than five high capacity magazines in the safe, and one of my main goals in life is staying out of prison.

I really need some clear information on what the law requires of me. The only information I've found is the law itself, (which I couldn't decipher in a hundred years) or some really extreme sites that tell me to expect the black helicopters at any moment.

I can't be the only person who needs this information, but Google just points me to the crazy zone.
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Via Snopes, the case of Nathan Haddad has nothing to do with the new law. He was violating gun control laws that have existed since the '90s.
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If you're concerned you could talk to a lawyer. However, the Governor of New York issued a press release that summarizes the NY SAFE Act. It says:
The legislation includes a ban on possession of pre-1994 high capacity magazines, and will require owners to sell the banned magazines out of state within one year. Existing ten round magazines can be grandfathered in, but may only be loaded with 7 rounds.
This suggests that you've got a year to dispose of your pre-1994 high-capacity magazines. It is my understanding that the high-capacity magazines in Nathan Haddad's possession were probably post-1994 magazines, although at the time he may have believed they were pre-1994 high-capacity magazines. I haven't been able to find anything definitive on this point. The police say the magazines had "Restricted. For military use only" labeling, but that's not necessarily dispositive.
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Actually, the Governor's web site has a NY SAFE Act FAQ for gun owners. At a first glance, it looks like it covers all of your concerns.
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What about calling your local police precinct? I assume that, when this law goes into effect, the NYPD are going to be enforcing it. Also, I know that there's a lot of work on gun violence at the precinct level (illegal gun amnesty collections, stuff like that), so there may be people there who deal with this sort of thing who'll be able to tell you what the new laws mean and what you should do.

It is unlikely that the NYPD will use your call inspire a raid on your house, or whatever is preventing you from just calling up and asking.
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Memail me
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