What should I do with this extra NOOK Color?
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So, I recently got a NOOK Color hand me down from someone who didn't want it. The problem is I already have other far superior tablets for daily use. So, what cool, totally superfluous things can I do with the Color?

My wife and I already have iPads as well as the quite nice NOOK e-readers. We are set for day to day gadget living. But now that I have this NOOK Color I want to think of something fun to do with it. I know I can throw cyanogenmod on there and run it as a normal (if underpowered) android tablet... but then what?

Thus far all I can think of is rooting it and using it as a remote control for my XBMC media center/tv in my living room. I'd love to hear some creative ideas!
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I would sell it or give it to someone that doesn't have one. I love my Nook. More people should experience the joy.
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Constant weather display right near the door, so you always know what's going on before you walk out the door.
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Give it away to the first person who compliments it, since you don't need it.
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Root it, download a bunch of games, leave it in the bathroom as a 21st centurty bathroom reader.
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Donate it to a library! Some libraries are building collections of e-readers for their patrons to use. I am donating my kindle because I just couldn't get into it.
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Load that bad boy up with public domain books and donate it to a needy kid who likes to read.
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Load it up with kids' books and educational books, put it in a waterproof padded post bag (emphasis on the waterproof) and address it to:
Palmerston Lucky School
Palmerston Island
Cook Islands

(Yes, really, that's all the address you need. It's a 1 square mile island. They don't have street names.) Include a note saying that Rachel told you about them.

This is a tiny island with a population of 50 people, 26 of them kids, and their school has a total of three shelves of books. That's it. They don't have TVs, none of the kids have books at home, and they have almost no electronic devices (but they would love some). Some of those kids are SO bored. And the school would love to be able to teach more about modern electronic devices.
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(Memail me if you would seriously consider this and want more info. And they are all native English speakers, by the way.)
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Repurpose as a kitchen computer.
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Really seconding lollusc's suggestion. The best thing to do with a surplus of good fortune is to pass it forward.
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I would take it as a golden free chance to experiment with rooting an android e-reader to turn it into a full tablet without the risk of dropping $150-$200 on something I just bricked.
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