Looking for room reservation/booking program with particular fetures
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I need something that will allow me to reserve rooms from a variety of different requests that are often competing for those rooms, all at the same time. Here's my situation.

I am responsible for assigning a limited number of rooms to a number of different people requesting these rooms. All of the requests come in at once, and I need to judiciously assign them. Sometimes certain requests/criteria trump others, so I'd like to be able to work with this possibility, as well.

Here's what would be super helpful for me:

Something like Google Calendar that would allow me to drag and drop a number of various entries around (which would be the room requests), but instead of a timeline on the left, it would be room locations.

Within each entry, it would be nice to be able to have information categories. For example, it would have data for who requested it, what room (and whether they asked for particular room vs. letting me assign it), and the name of the event.

If I could have tags within each request that would also let me filter the grid/calendar based on those tags by "flipping the switch," that would be amazing.

I'd like to be able to change the color of the entries, or add a color tag (like in Google calendar)

An online option so that this could be collaborative, or I could have others view it as well, would be pretty cool.

Anything like this exist already? Or anything that I can modifying (like Google Calendar) that might be able to fulfill the above criteria?
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Would a calendar for shared resources from Google Calendar work?
posted by scruss at 2:06 PM on February 2, 2013

Yes, perhaps, thanks. I've been looking around, and it looks like Google Calendar might have some built in functionality to allow me to do this. Now, my question is how best to use Google Calendar to do the above. Time for some research...
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Okay, this is going to work. Thanks, scruss, for the quick suggestion.
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