Pen cursor jumping in Intuos5
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Wondering if anyone else who uses the Wacom Intuos5 drawing tablet knows how to deal with this problem. My Intuos3, which I loved, had a big dead space in the middle of the drawing pad because I used a cleaner on it that messed it up. Two new versions had been released since I bought it, so I figured it was time to get the latest and greatest.

The guy at Best Buy said, if you're already using the Intuos4, I don't recommend getting the 5. He was implying the 4 was better (and I've since seen on web forums that the 5 is buggy). Anyway, I never had the 4, and didn't feel like scoring eBay or whatever for the older model. Plus, I wanted something shiny and brand new. So I bought the 5.

So - downloaded the driver with the software I received, and tried to use the tablet and pen. My pen cursor was constantly jumping to the upper left part of my screen in Photoshop. I scoured the webs for advice, and read on a number of support forums that I should uninstall the driver that came with the hardware, and go to the Wacom web site (which is sucky btw) for the latest and greatest driver - the newest one is from November 2012.

Did that, and still the same problem - my pen cursor jumping madly to the upper left part of the screen whenever I lift it from the pad, and also at other points (but I can't figure out what the rule is).

I'm right-handed, and I've oriented this thing accordingly. I mean I know I'm not drawing upside down.

Seems like I could fix this by changing the drawing area settings, but I'm not sure how to do that. I found some solutions online that referenced the pen height having been changed since the last version, but they don't make sense to me and don't seem to be related to my problem.

My mouse cursor still works great, just gripping precisely everything I point it at. That's what I need my pen to do (in addition to producing a nice smooth drawn line). If I could switch this, I would - I don't need the precision with my mouse so much. I used to use the pen for drawing and getting around on the web, with my older tablet.

I haven't used the touch functionality on this pad and I'm not really concerned with it. I just want to be able to draw digitally again, without going mad. Any advice appreciated - and if there's a better digital drawing tablet out there, please point me to it.
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Any snap to button settings enabled in your operating system?

If you're on a Mac try using just the plug and play "ink" drivers. It wont have all the features enabled, but at least you can figure out if its hardware or driver based.
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Best answer: In the Wacom controls, under the Mapping tab, is the Pen set to Mouse or Pen Mode? Set it to Mouse.
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when I first got my intuos 4, it kept doing odd stuff until I realized that I was leaning on the buttons down the side (my previous tablet didn't have them) I disabled the buttons and now it works fine. Any chance that's the problem? On the other hand, the tablet I'm using at my office is failing, and has started making the cursor jump around periodically, so you may not want to rule out that the tablet is faulty.

Also, since your desk configuration has probably changed to accomodate the new tablet, make sure you aren't accidentally moving the mouse at the same time as you are using the stylus - that can cause the sort of jumping about you describe.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for responding, seems much better now!
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