What is the title of this old Japanese Superman record?
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I collect Superman memorabilia and recently bought a Japanese Superman children's story record, but I can't actually read Japanese beyond vague recognition of the characters that make up the name Superman. What is the title of this record?
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The title seems to be "Oozora wo/大空を," which translates to "To the skies," kind of. It seems to be the secondary theme of whatever Superman series it's from, or so I infer from the text reading "Fukushudaika/副主題歌," which means... "secondary theme."

Finally, there's a label that says "Dorama iri/ドラマいり," which suggests there may be some kind of drama or radio play-type thing on the record.
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It's a little confusing (probably because there are a lot of assumptions the writers of the copy would have relied on when they wrote it - we're all familiar with A sides and B sides) but the A side seems to be the main Superman theme, the B side is an alternate theme.

I can't make out the white lettering in the extreme bottom-left of the image.
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Best answer: Here's my effort at translating it.

"To The Skies" is what I've rendered as "Up, Up & Away!"
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Response by poster: Thank you for your answers! I have the record, and its sleeve has a multi-page comic inside that you can follow along with as you listen. One side has a story where he fights what looks like a pterodactyl/monster/Doragirasu (with actors, music, and sound effects), and the other side has two different Superman songs or themes.
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