Breakfast Buffets in the Bay
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Please direct me to Saturday morning breakfast buffets in the Bay Area.

Sure, sure, everyone always has Sunday brunch. And some places even have Saturday brunch. But what about when you roll out of bed on a lazy Saturday and want nothing more in the world than a fresh omelet, some orange juice, fruit and as many potatoes and bacon served out of a metal tray as you can eat off of the buffet?

There used to be a breakfast buffet at Marie Callender's on Saturdays, but alas, all of the ones near me have closed, with only one remaining one far away hanging on for dear life. I'm also aware of HS Lordships in Berkeley and the Palace Hotel Garden Court and the Top of the Mark in SF.

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All of the Bay Area?
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Have you checked chowhound? I know lots of people - including me - who go to brunch on Saturdays, but not buffet brunches, which I associate almost exclusively with hotels, which are places that locals don't patronize much, for obvious reasons.
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Haven't tried it, but have heard of a brunch buffet at Bacheesos
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Response by poster: humboldt32: All of the Bay Area. I'd drive out to the far reaches if it looks appealing.
rtha: I have checked Chowhound.
silvergoat: Thanks, exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for.
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I was just coming in to say Bacheesos as well. I haven't eaten there since they changed locations, but back when they were one San Pablo, the brunch buffet was quite good.
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Wow, Bay Area breakfast buffets seem to have gone the way of the dodo. Every one that I remember either doesn't happen any more (Frankie, Johnny, and Luigi) or the restaurant no longer exists (Dinah's Shack, Hugo's). As mentioned, there's Bacheeso's, and Alice's Restaurant in Portola Valley supposedly does one the first Wednesday of every month, for five bucks- however there's nothing about it on their website.
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Haven't been in a few years to confirm if it's still; but the various Hobee's in Silicon Valley have had an all-you-can-eat oatmeal bar, which is kinda like a partial breakfast buffet.
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If you'd consider a different kind of delicious pigging out, Passage to India in Mountain View has a fabulous and rich brunch buffet Saturday and Sunday. Unlimited butter chicken.... go hungry.
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Bacheesos is good — we go to the one by Lake Merritt, which has good food and nice people but kind of irregular service. Bottomless mimosas. And it's conveniently across the street from Lakeside Park, so a post-brunch stroll is easy and enjoyable.

Downtown, District (current favorite place). Saturday and Sunday they have a bottomless brunch buffet with bottomless mimosas from 11:00-2:30 pm.

The Claremont, although I've never been.
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