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During the Missoni for Target craze a few years ago, I managed to score the most coveted item--a quilted fleece throw. I only got one. There are three inhabitants of our house fighting over it, including the cat, who is usually the one who gets to use it. Help me find or make something similar.

It should be simple enough to find, right? It's two layers of fleece with some kind of batting inside, quilted with a chevron pattern. I have looked and looked and have not found anything similar. I've found double-layer throws, usually some kind of microfiber with a fleece backing. They are not as warm (there's no polyfill inside), substantial, or cozy. I've found throws that are essentially like small comforters, but I don't want something so bulky.

Buying the same thing again on eBay is out. Sellers are still listing them for $150 and up. And I heard that Target reissued the throw after it realized how popular it was, but cheaped out on materials and workmanship. So even if I bought one on eBay, it's likely to be inferior to the one I have.

Any leads on where to find something like this? Fleece, reversible, quilted in a tight pattern? (i.e., each row of stitches close to the next.) Failing that, tips on making a couple of these myself? Master seamstress I'm not, but I do have a sewing machine and can sew straight stitches. I am also open to making it by hand if that would turn out better quality.
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I've never seen anything quite like it. (I want it.) Have you tried scouting out fabric stores? They sell quilted fabric for making bathrobes and such, and you might stumble on something that has the right weight. Then you'd just need to bind or finish the edges.

Or, take the throw to a fabric store that gives quilting classes. Tell them you want to duplicate it, and ask their advice. I'll bet they'll have some good ideas, and be delighted to help.
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I've seen quilts that look a lot like that on West Elm's website.

I doubt "fleece" is used for those quilts, though, as that's not really a part of West Elm's brand/aesthetic. But reversible and quilted in a tight pattern, and probably soft and cuddly.

Their quilts tend to be more in the bedding category and less in the "throw" category. The throws on their site right now are mostly knitted or woven rather than quilted, though I'll say that I have a West Elm throw, and while it's absolutely nothing like what you're looking for, it's lovely enough to possibly be the new thing you guys fight over.
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Best answer: Although they don't look like the target blanket, you might check out these from Aden and anias. My daughter has one that meets all your requirements - light but double layered, quilted, warm and cozy, breathes. It's amazing. For years I considered buying four and seeing them together for a grown up sized one, but they finally made one. Gets softer with use, never pills (like fleece). I got mine for Christmas and use it every day and man, it was worth every pretty penny.
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(On Rereading I see that you want fleece and chevron. But really, you might check this out. They are blissful.)
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Response by poster: The quilting doesn't have to be chevron. Any pattern is fine as long as the rows of stitching are closer together than, for example, the wide baffles you find on comforters. Those dream blankets look very close, if they are warm.
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Response by poster: I hate to answer my own question, but this looks to be really, really close.
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Response by poster: So I didn't end up getting the throw I found in the link directly above, because on closer inspection, I noticed it isn't quilted front to back, but has a loose backing sewn on. I gave up until today, when in a totally unrelated question freezer cake suggested this pattern for a homemade chenille blanket that looks like exactly what I want, if I can make it on a slightly larger scale.
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