Pinterest lets me save pages quickly, but I need more organization!
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Looking for a way to save and organize webpages in a fashion similar to Pinterest, but with more organization. I want to be able to click a button to save the page, select the image I want to use, then go back later and sort the saved pages while keeping them in the same folder.

I've started collecting sewing patterns & ideas from various websites and I need a way to save and keep them organized. Springpad does exactly what I need, but the Firefox addon doesn't allow me to quickly save the page with an image in one go, so I have to go back and manually add an image which takes too much time. Pinterest allows me to quickly save the page with an image, but there's no way for me to go back in and organize the saves (such as grouping pants together first, then shorts, then the shirts). I know I could create a folder for each of those, but I don't want to separate the sewing patterns any more than I already have.

Is there any service that will allow me to have both the organization and quick saving that I'm looking for? Which is: Click a button to save the page, select the image I want to use from said page, then go back later and sort the saved pages while keeping them in the same folder.
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The bookmarklet I have for Springpad does do what you want - is the Firefox addon different? I've pasted it below, if you're familiar with bookmarklets, or... well, I was going to link you to some sort of relevant page on the Springpad website but I can't find one, which might be the problem. Here is a starter guide on bookmarklets.
or use this and edit out the [filtered] at the start, adding "javascript:" which Metafilter puts in/strips out for security.
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Although I'm not clear about what you want to accomplish, it is likely that Evernote will do it.
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I was coming to say Evernote as well.
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Yes to Evernote. You can have a folder for patterns, say, and tag them with pants, shorts, shirts, etc. You don't even have to go back and do this later; you can use the web clipper to grab pages, add them to a folder ("notebook" in Evernotespeak), and tag them all at once.
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I use diigo. I use the extension for chrome, it probably has one for other browsers. When you hover over an image a little icon appears on the bottom right in order to bookmark it. It also let's you bookmark whole webpages. You can also highlight text on webpages, like articles or mefi. You can then add searchable tags and descriptions to the bookmarks, and put them in different folders
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I use Tumblr for this, and add tags when I pin it so I can find it again. For some reason I just don't like Evermore...?
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I use Evernote for all kinds of things, it sounds like it would work for you. Good to have it syncing to and from a phone as well - it's often when you're idly flipping through pages at a bus stop that you see something useful.
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Lokta that is exactly what I needed, thank you so much! Where did you find that bookmarklet?

I tried Evernote, Tumblr, and Diigo, but none of them did exactly what I was wanting. I appreciate all the recommendations tho!
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Maybe try Clipboard.
You can use the Chrome extension or a bookmarklet to lift elements directly from webpages and categorize them with tags. You can also publish and share them if you want to. Also has an iPhone app and support for mobile web browsers. :)

PS: I'm new here, this is my first post to AskMeFi! I am in no way affiliated with Clipboard. :P
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