Replace a Mac MD313LL/A 12" Macbook Pro keyboard
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Replace a Mac MD313LL/A 12" Macbook Pro keyboard for a handicapped neighbor and I know very little about recent Mac tech.

I am helping a neighbor out. She spilled soda on her MacBook Pro 13" keyboard (the late 2011 2.4Ghz MD313LL/A model). I am having trouble tracking down notes on replacing her keyboard. I don't know enough about MacBooks to make any assumptions, so I want to move safely. I need to track down how to replace it and where to get a reputable replacement part.

I know MeFi's often love Macs, so I thought it might not be a bad idea to ask here.

Is to help, please?
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My goto place is ifixit. Here is their page for the late 2011 unibody 13" Macbook Pro. I think you have to replace the entire upper case following the instructions here. iFixit's parts may not be the cheapest, but they're reputable.
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When you do the replacement, pick up on of these Moshi Clearguard things that matches the size/model. Total life saver.
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The keyboard is part of the top case on all the unibody machines. This is every Apple laptop since late 2008. Regardless of where you source the part I wouldn't recommend replacing it yourself unless you are comfortable with a multi-step procedure, as this repair requires removing all the components (including the main logic board and display) and an ESD-safe workspace. There's also the possibility that the liquid has penetrated through the keyboard and affected other parts. Get a 2nd opinion from a nearby Apple Store or independent repair shop. Have the data backed up. Part is ~$150, labour about 1hr.

An external keyboard might be a cheaper and quicker solution.

iFixit (like nightwood suggested, though that part is WAY overpriced)
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After further discussion with the person about feasibility and cost, I think we are going to go with a HDMI adapter (as she has the same 31" TV with HDMI inputs I have and never realized it was a monitor too), and a wireless mouse/trackball and keyboard so she can use it from her chair. That way we can also make sure it gets plenty of air for staying cool too.
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