Valentine's Day gift ideas for husband, imminent baby edition
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Our first child is due in a few weeks and I would like to give him something extra romantic and special (maybe even a bit pampering) for V-Day before the big event. Desperately seeking suggestions, romantic gifting for men is hard!

Some more about him: 30-something, introverted, nerdy engineer type (literal rocket scientist). He has classic tastes and values items of quality, but we're saving money for the baby so a big expense is probably not a good idea. Let's say the budget is about $150.

Some things I've thought of include a nice pen (Waterford or Porsche), fur-lined slippers, silk boxers... but then these things are also not necessarily useful or practical, and seem somewhat cliche. Help! (Also, I got him a robe for V-Day last year so that's out, sadly.)
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Dopp kit? Maybe with Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving and some wetshaving gear? You can hit the subreddit /r/wickededge and look at the bar on the right, for "KIT SUGGESTIONS," which they have for every budget. Start with the Double Edge.

Wetshaving turns a chore into self-pampering, IMO.
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Does it have to be romantic? I imagine that with a new baby on the way, many husbands would enjoy a weekend away with some guy friends, or something like that.
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It doesn't have to be romantic, but he's not really a "going out with the guys" type. A few coworkers tried to take him out for pre-baby drinks and he complained about it all week. :/

He's pretty family-oriented so his mind is very much on us right now. I might be able to convince him to go get pampered somewhere (a shave? a massage?) but I'm not sure he'd like something we couldn't do it together.
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My partner (similarly nerdy, similarly family oriented) LOVES hot tubs and saunas. I've gotten him a gift certificate to the local bathhouse, and he loves it. (The term "bathhouse" sounds sketchy, but this is basically just a really fancy clothing-optional hot tub. We go there together a lot.)

Alternately, the thing most people I know would have loved for their last pre-baby Valentine's day is some serious couple time. Take him out to a nice dinner, or a fancy brunch. Your profile says San Francisco, so maybe take a Sunday and go to the beach or Point Reyes or something with an elegant picnic. Maybe a cheese tasting in Marin, like a wine tasting, but something you can also participate in.
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if he's the kind of guy who would like it - for the pampering you can both go get a pedicure, which is something to do together and something that'd still be comfortable for you.

you could also look at the pre-prepared meal options in your city so with very little work you can make a nice, intimate dinner at home (my introvert husband would always take a meal at home over a crowded restaurant).

for a gift that feels a little saucy, but is still practical, flint and tender makes nice underwear, completely in the US. as a wife, i can vouch for the oh la la angle on the boxer briefs, my husband says they're super comfy too.

for something creative you can make him a "dad needs to unwind" emergency kit - maybe get something like a metal lock box and then fill it with little liquor bottles, a video game or a book, whatever his preferred non parishable snack is (dark chocolate, beef jerky, etc), and a nice soft pair of socks (sock dreams is a good place for this - amazing socks and great customer service. as a personal recommendation, my husband really likes these as spoiling him socks).
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