Where to buy a website template?
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Where can I buy a fully functional working website template for my business with all rights.

I need a website for my business and would like to buy a ready made functional template for it. The website needs to be around 10 pages maximum and would display products etc. hence a business website.

Where can I buy a template with all rights? I do not want any later conflict around rights to this website. Looked at things like Wix etc. but they may have rights to the templates once I use them.
I will be hosting the website perhaps on a Godaddy or a Dreamhost. Is it possible to get this fully working website and plug it into my domain?

Thank you.
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1. Install Wordpress. should be a one click project at either place you are hosting.
2. Check out the free and paid templates on the Wordpress Themes page.
3. Install template and start adding content.
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Themeforest has some attractive stuff.
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Seconding themeforest here, got some nice html/css templates there as well in case you don't want to get started with any other CMS and know you way around text editing an HTML/CSS file.
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It's never as easy as you want it to be.

1. Beware of free or cheap themes. They may have security holes, if they don't actually contain malicious scripts themselves. Look for a theme designer that offers excellent paid support, and sign up for it.

2. Unless you're diligent about keeping theme & plugins current, you may get hacked anyway. Sign up with one of the Wordpress security monitoring services. I pay about $100 a year for mine. If I'm hacked, they'll clean it right away, ID the vulnerability, and make things right with the search & browser blacklisting.

Just saying, it's not possible to just install it & forget about it
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When you think of all rights, you might want to take a moment to read the licence. For example, one of the restrictions on the regular Themeforest licence is that you can only make one end product from it, so if you want to make another business website after this one you might need to purchase another licence. You also can't just extract one part of it and reuse it someplace else.
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nthing Themeforest
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Themeforest sellers often have multiple price points and licenses for their designs, and some of them will sell all rights for a much higher price. If you want to be the only person ever with that website template, you can buy the exclusive rights, but honestly you'd be better off getting a standard template license for $30 and putting actual money into a graphic designer for the look and feel of the site if you don't already have your own branding/corporate image stuff sorted out.
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My opinion is to avoid GoDaddy.

Dreamhost has a one-click install for Wordpress. They make it super-easy. They also update Wordpress for you automatically which should mitigate, but not prevent, security holes. Do this. Themeforest is a good place to start but there are other reputable places to get a solid theme.

Is your intent to sell products through the site? You may want to check out Shopify if that is the case.
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