Superb Owl Sunday Party
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I'm hosting a football-free celebration of man's finest feathered friend, this Sunday. What owl tributes and puns do I need on the menu, on the television, on the stereo, and as decor?

The current itinerary & menu includes: What am I forgetting? The crowd will be adults, with the chance of a couple kids under 10. Venue is a house, near Boston. I have a vehicle, Amazon Prime, Netflix, excellent public libraries, and insatiable appetite for making terrible jokes.
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Best answer: I'm not sure how to work it into your theme, but don't forget the messenger owls from Hogwarts.
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Maybe play some Hootie and the Blowfish?

Personally, I would not subject my friends to that.
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Best answer: Owl masks, of course. Paper plates and feathers and glue. Bam.

You could also watch Winnie the Pooh (Owl) and Harry Potter (hella owls). Or CSI (hoooooooo are you, hoo hoo, hoo hoo - okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch).

Tons of hip owl party ideas on this Pinterest. Lanterns and cupcakes and cookies.
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Someone should read The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear
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Best answer: Soundtrack?

Owl City
Night Owl (James Taylor)
I am the Owl (Dead Kennedys)
Spark Another Owl (Cypress Hill)
One Lonely Owl (Milo)
That Owl (Tech N9ne)
Stork and Owl (TV on the Radio)
Snow Owl (Mountain Goats)
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Oh, and don't forget about listening to
* Owl City (synthpop galore)
* Wow, Owls! (weird Tim Kinsella side project)
depending on your taste.

And don't forget about Edward Lear's nonsensical poem The Owl & The Pussycat!

I'm now at the point where "owl" no longer seems like a real word, so I need to take a break.
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1. In the Harry Potter series, Harry's owl is named Hedwig, and the Weasley family has an owl named Errol. it reaching too much to suggest music from or viewing of Hedwig and the Angry Inch? Or Errol Flynn movies?

2. Do you have a cat? Perhaps convince the cat to pose in a beautiful pea-green boat?

3. For the kids (or adults who like kid games), play Owl Eyes?

Have fun!
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You could watch Episode 10 of Fawlty Towers, the sign out front is rearranged to spell "Fatty Owls."
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Best answer: Deviled Owl Eggs
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Best answer: Twin Peaks?
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You should have my daughter come over and look at owl pictures and say "more", "more owl", "more owl please" as you look for every owl photo on the Internet for two hours.
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Make felted owls.
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Best answer: Soundtrack?

The Who, obviously.
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And since you are near Boston, you can tell the kids about Spooky, the Museum of Science resident owl.
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Best answer: When people arrive, tell them "I heard someone is going to be showing up as an owl." When they ask "Who?", narrow your eyes and ask them "What did you just say?"

Note, this may not work at all.
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Best answer: Play owl calls mixed in with your music. You could provide checklists with descriptions of common calls and let your guests 'spot' them. (The barred owl says "Who cooks for you?") Maybe work it into a game by having guests note the time they think they heard the call.
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I like orme's idea but maybe rephrase the opening as "Someone here is actually an owl in disguise" ?
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Screen Owl Jolson.
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For the soundtrack: Stuart by the Dead Milkmen (rated R for explicit narration by a fictional nutty bigot, though)
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Best answer: Don't dissect the owl pellets! Make some to eat instead!
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Can you sing a rousing version of the "Owl Correspondence School" song?

I adore X the Owl.

"Owl Correspondence School
Dear OCS
We do our lessons
And we get a U or an S
We hope for an S

Owl Correspondence School
Dear OCS
Owl Correspondence School
We love you best
We love you best"
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Best answer: More owl songs:

"Great-Horned Owl" Grant Lee Phillips
"Owl Eyes" Devendra Banhart
"Owl and Raven" and "Alone with the Owl" Jason Molina
"Foul Owl on the Prowl" The Little Willies
"The Owl and the tanager" Sufjan Stevens

and, if you're feeling whimsical but also cruel:

"Do the Owl" The Wiggles

The short animated film The Gruffalo features an owl as a main character. And is awesome.
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Best answer: Eleanor Friedberger - Owl's Head Park
David Byrne & St. Vincent - Who
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