Castor oil for both ends? Neither?
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I accidentally bought 250ml of Castor Oil instead of Cod Liver Oil. What do I do with it?

Google says it will give me the runs if taken internally. Or, I can put castor oil in a 'compress for cramps'. Or, I can cut it with olive oil to cleanse my face.

Do you use castor oil for anything else? Preferably in a way that'll empty this big glass bottle quickly? Any and all suggestions, please!
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I mix castor oil with olive oil and use as cuticle oil and night-time moisturiser.
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I also mix it with olive oil, massage it onto my face and then wipe off with a hot facewasher. This page eventually gets to the point with that method.
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Return it? I would at least try.
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Make homemade shampoo soap. Castor oil is the main ingredient that makes the small bubbles unique to shampoo.
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I lovelovelove the "Art of Shaving" brand pre-shave oil. For me, it makes the difference between a pleasant shave and an unpleasant one, all other things being equal.

After seeing that its ingredients are just Olive oil and Castor oil (and scent), I experimented and found that 1 part Castor and 1.75 parts light Olive oil seems only to be lacking the scent, and is 1/20th the cost.
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Find a pregnant woman desperate to induce labor.
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Growing up, castor oil was my parents' favorite medicine for us five kids. If you were coughing and had a snotty nose, a big spoonful of castor oil was headed your way.

I came home from college with friends once and one of them was sick with a bad cold. I told her before we arrived to not let my parents doctor her. She didn't listen and out came the castor oil. She swears it cured her.

I'm visiting my mother now and was sick with a cold. After a couple of days of listening to me cough and blow my nose, she told me I needed some castor oil. Nooooo. I don't think I could take castor oil now to save my life.
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Castor oil can be used for waterproof treatment of dark leather.
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Hair conditioner: mix castor oil, glycerin, honey, olive oil, and a bit of water. Put on hair (I use a spray bottle). Leave on for 20 minutes. Wash and condition. Don't use too much. I had to wash my hair twice, but it was shiny and soft afterward.

Oil cleaning method for face: mix castor oil and olive oil (1:1 ratio for oily skin, 1:2 for normal, 1:3 for dry). Apply liberally to face. Steam face for 10-20 minutes. Wipe off oil. This wash is great for getting rid of black heads and making your skin soft. Castor oil is drying, so really pay attention to the ratios. OCM replaces washing your face with soap.

Homemade shampoo: I know it's used in it, and I plan to try it, but I don't have castille soap, so I haven't done it yet.

Eyelash and hair treatment: Apply castor oil to eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair (I tried it on the baby hairs I get around my hairline). It's supposed to encourage growth. I got sick of having sticky hair, so I didn't use it very long. Some people say it works, some say it doesn't.
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lubricate something with it.
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I love it as a pore cleanse treatment. In the shower, after the steam and warm water has softened my skin, I scrub my face a bit and then put a layer of castor oil on and then do some other washing while it sits there. After about 2 minutes, I massage it around and then wash it off with mild face cleanser. It somehow scours out blackheads. Mysterious.
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