Help me find a Police concert video from the early 1980s?
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There's a particular Police concert video that I'm seeking. Does anyone know which concert I'm describing?

I'm looking for a Police concert video from the early 1980s. The show might've been before Synchronicity was released, because I can't recall any of those songs being in the set. I think all of the band members were seated on a simple flat stage, perhaps in a theater, definitely with an audience. "Walking on the moon" is the only song I am certain was included. I'd describe the performance as somewhat subdued. This concert was shown on TV, perhaps on VH1, or less likely, on MTV. Does anyone know which concert this was? It seemed like a special event rather than part of a regular tour.
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Response by poster: Oh, and the stage was lit very simply, and had an overall orange/brown appearance. (I'm looking through YouTube videos now, and skipping any where the stage is lit blue.)
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Their performance on the Dutch show Veronica's Countdown in Sept. '79 looks like a possibility. They also appeared on Beat Club that year, which often used a lot of orange in its lighting.
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Response by poster: ryanshepard, thanks but those aren't it.
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This is a long-shot, but I found something interesting.

I saw The Police on their Zenyatta Mondatta tour and just did a little double-checking. I was at the January 15, 1981 show at the L.A. Sports Arena, but it looks like they played the following night at the Variety Arts Center in downtown. Maybe some of the photos in the Google image search I linked to will look familiar. In the mid-80s bands like Jane's Addiction played there all the time so it wouldn't be that unusual for the Police to do a show there, and it's definitely a theatre, not an auditorium.

Fingers crossed!
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Response by poster: > January 15, 1981 show


> Variety Arts Center

I took a look but I'm not sure what counts and what doesn't. For example, I saw one photo with theater seating and a stage behind a curtain. The stage I remember was sort of out in the open, perhaps surrounded on three sides by seating.

So the time period seems right but that particular theater doesn't seem like the setting I remember. Thanks for the reply!
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Que lástima.

Have you seen The Police Wiki? It looks like it might be buried in there somewhere. Good luck!
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Have you checked Wolfgang's Vault?
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I saw two shows on the Zenyatta Mondatta tour. One was in a large arena at the Arizona State Fair. The second was much more intimate at a University of Arizona auditorium. XTC opened for both shows.

The stage was spare and Sting played the upright bass.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the police wiki link! I'll poke around.

I can't remember what kind of bass Sting was playing, but a university auditorium could be the right venue. I don't think an opening act was included in the televised concert.
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