Organize my exhibits!
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I'm looking for the smallest, most streamlined way to hold 15-20 documents that each have a plastic report cover (similar to this.)

I need a way to organize a number of documents/exhibits while keeping them in plastic report covers. A traditional binder is out because of the three-ring issue, but is what I have in mind aesthetically. A folder doesn't seem organized enough. It needs to be something I can keep on a tabletop, so a file box wouldn't work.
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How about an accordion file?
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Not sure if this would do it, but they used to have these magazine holders that would slip into the magazine, and then had three holes punched so that you could put the magazine in a 3-ring binder.

Like so.
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In the civil litigation world, the standard for that sort of thing is the redweld. I've got 10 or so of them full of exhibits on or around my desk right now.
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Response by poster: (Preferably the documents would be easy to flip through, like in a 3-ring binder. For that reason, something like an accordion file or a redweld is not ideal. The magazine holder is similar to what I'm looking for, but I'm not sure that it would work with the plastic report covers.)
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I think needlgrrl has it. Just slip the plastic clip through the magazine holder before putting the plastic cover and sheets in. Ta-Dah!
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It sounds like you need the report covers themselves to have three holes for a binder. Rather than slipping the pages of the exhibits through the magazine holder, can you attach the magazine holder to the outside of the spine piece of the report cover?
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