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My husband and I hoping to be the farmers running a CSA farm at a new co-housing development (similar to Prairie Crossing, Ecovillage at Ithaca, or Davis Homes). At some point we will probably need to "pitch" our business - and we have everything but a name; it will undoubtably be easier with a name... and we're at a total loss.

Good to know:

We will most likely be leasing; it is possible that we will one day buy our own land somewhere else and move our business, thus I don't want the name to be overly specific to the site.

Anywhere we move is most likely to be within subtropical NSW (Australia), within reasonable striking distance of Sydney. General geographic references perfectly okay.

We're a young-ish couple (30-31) with two cats, and probably a kid in the next few years.

One of us is a local, one from California; we met in Japan. Pacific references (but not Pacific "RIM", bad, right?!) could be okay. Something translated into Japanese could be charming, and a nice nod to our past.

We lean toward the funny/cleaver or nature based. Charming, rather than cute. Bonus points for puns or acronyms that spell something funny (or mean something funny).

We will primarily be growing mixed organic vegetables, CSA + market.

Have you seen Eddie Izzard? Okay, this co-housing group is full of "professional hippies" and out-doorsy types; not "weird-o hippies".

Asethetically, as far as our branding/image goes, we love the cookbooks by Yvette van Boven, What Katie Ate, and Edible Selby: Good lush photography, clean design, handwriting for a personal touch (or similar drawn font).

We have come up with ZERO ideas.. drawing a total blank somehow. Help! =)
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Maybe look at what other CSAs are calling themselves, in other parts of the world (or in your parts)? That might get your creative juices flowing. Some CSAs in Washington State are listed here. Hope this helps!
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Best answer: POD = Pacific Organic Delights
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Best answer: What is your last name? How about (Last Name) Farm? I was in (Last Name) Farm CSA in central Pennsylvania and I loved it.

What road will your farm be on? How about (Road Name) Farm? Everyone will know where it is. I'm hoping to be accepted into (Road Name) Farm in my new area, but they have a waiting list.

Funny Names? I got my meat from "Over The Moon" Farm. How about "Betda Farm"? "Outstanding Fields Farm"? "Born in a Barn Farm". Don't forget to close the door.
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Best answer: Veggie Might!
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The Organic Acre

(do you guys measure in acres in Australia?)

My Personal Gardener

The Rustic Rutabaga

Aomame and Carrots
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24 Carrot Farm
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