Single Speaker for my Nexus 7?
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I'm looking for a simple awesome speaker that I can plug my Nexus 7 tablet into. I've used a set of desk speakers in the past, but I hate how there's two of them and the cords get all tangled. I'd ideally like a single speaker that plugs into the wall; something I can blast some sweet tunes on in the kitchen, and then pick it up and move it to the bedroom with a minimum of fuss.
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I use one of these Logitech dealies for my bedroom; it's bluetooth-capable but also has a 3.5mm jack if you want to be less battery-drainy. I used to carry it regularly between my living room/kitchen and bedroom until I got fed up with not having it magically follow me and just bought a second, bigger/better speaker system for the living room.
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I have a slightly different logitech bluetooth speaker that works great with all my android devices. it has a battery so it doesn't even need to be plugged in all the time. But there are lots of these battery powered bluetooth speakers out there these days. My local NPR station is giving an Eton one away for donations.
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Response by poster: Hmm...maybe I should have specified a price range. I'm thinking quick and dirty here; under $50 would be great.
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The Altec Lansing Orbit-M is a neato single speaker solution. It seems to have been discontinued, the current one on the AL site is a USB-speaker and not 3.5mm, but it's easily found online for under $20.

I had the original version with a fiddly twisty on/off switch and the cord wrapped around the body. The revised version uses a more sensible button with the cord wrapped and stored on the bottom.
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Check out these super cheap ones from muji: cardboard and fold up.

If you're wiling to spend more money I'd recommend a Tivoli.
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I ordered two of these very generic bluetooth speakers from Amazon earlier this week for my Nexus 7 but can't be more helpful with a personal review because they haven't arrived yet. The Amazon reviews did look suprisingly good and the price is right. Maybe I can follow up tomorrow after they arrive.
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I have one of these which I think give a startlingly good sound for the size & price. I'm not sure if you could charge it via then Nexus 7, though.
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You want either the Jawbone Jambox or Antec SP-1. Rechargeable, just connect via Bluetooth and put the box wherever you want.
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Best answer: For your price range, I'd suggest this.
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I have a GoGroove Panda Pal and it gets the job done.
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Response by poster: Oh man... West Elm has a ceramic bear speaker for 25 bucks...
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There's this one on sale at Woot.
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Response by poster: Uggh, the ceramic West Elm speaker is TERRIBLE quality. Sad_otter, I think I'm going to go with your suggestion, thanks!
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