Need help identifying an album I heard/saw.
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This is a case of forgetting to write something down. I was in a record shop in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, and the shopkeep was spinning a record that I enjoyed a made a mental note to look the band/album up when I got home. And now a night has passed and the details I remember are coming up with nada when googled. The details: 1. The band name was something that ended in "-ex", like Solex or Purex. I remember thinking it kinda sounded like it could be the name of a condom. 2. The clerk said it was released "last year" (he could have meant 2011 or 2012). 3. The album cover was a letterboxed (think Joy Division's "Closer") picture of a rose and a chain, the rest of the cover was red.
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Please describe the type of music you heard. Loud guitars? Electro boops and beeps? Soft folky stuff? That would help.
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Why not go back to the shop and ask them?
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I intend to call the shop tonight (assuming the guy works the same shift on a day-to-day basis)

Music was similar to the more recent albums from The Church (post-progressive-80s-throwback-psych-rock?). If there were vocals, I don't remember hearing any.
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Pure X - Pleasure
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I was going to say the same thing as backwards guitar - Pure X
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