Moving Emergency in Montreal
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I need to move today. Last week I found a mover on Kijiji. Confirming about 11 pm last night, we found out that he didn't have a vehicle.

I have enough boxes/bags (three bags of clothes, one lap top bag, 8 bankers boxes of books, one box of misc. knick knacks, one desktop computer, one printer) that transporting it in a cab is not really going to happen. I have too little stuff that a moving company isn't going to work. I know no one in Montreal well enough, that drives, that is available, and can help at all. I have about 100 dollars to pay for about 3-5 hours of work (i need help packing as well).

I have emailed about 5 people who answered the kijiji ad last night. I have no idea what to do next.

any ideas.
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Do the packing yourself and rent a cargo van for the day (assuming you're moving in town). In S. Florida a cargo van from Enterprise is about $90 for the day. Good Luck!
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Response by poster: I can't drive.
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Can that mover rent a vehicle for which you can pay? IE, does s/he have a license?
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Response by poster: he doesn't, and it would go over the 100.
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Response by poster: (trying not to thread sit)
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Best answer: Call a local handyman/contractor: "I need a local guy with a van/truck, is someone on your crew free?"

"Oh yeah, joe can help, he normally does roofs but we're painting today so I don't have a job for him."
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A local shipping/packing supply shop "we sell big boxes and matress bags" should have a list of folk.
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Some cab companies have vans that you can request instead of their cars.
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Call a cab company. Explain your situation. Ask for two cabs. You ride with one with half your stuff, half your stuff rides with the other. The $100 may not cover it, though. Can you pay with a credit card?
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Do you have a friend who could drive a rented truck for you? You could probably fit most of that stuff in a pick up truck--even if you have to make more than one trip. This really sounds like a job two people could do if you don't have any health considerations that would prevent you from packing and carrying things.
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Call the cab company and arrange a minivan. Should be able to get it all in two trips max.
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Response by poster: Sebastien solved it! Thanks all.
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