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I am traveling to Wellfleet , Cape Cod for a week this Saturday. I would like to do a lot of cooking for my aging mother and need to do a healthy shopping on the way from Logan Airport. I would go into Boston to Whole Circus and Trader Joes, but it is not really on the way. Where can I go for a good grocery shop, preferably with a decent organic selection, that is in between Logan and Wellfleet, MA Thanks!
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Assuming you're taking route 3 down there, there is a Whole Foods in a big shopping center called Derby Street Shops (formerly Hingham Plaza I think) in Hingham MA. It's easy on-off the highway and outside of Boston enough that it's unlikely to be a nightmare. There's also Common Sense Market, a little further off the highway, down in Plymouth, and Healthy Appetites Natural Foods which is also in Plymouth. Both of those are smaller but you're more likely to find truly local and small scale organic stuff. Check the hours for both of them since they're likely to be more limited than Whole Foods.
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Looks like there is a Trader Joe's and a Stop and Shop in Hyannis.
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If you want something on-Cape, you can try Ring Brothers in South Dennis, just off 6. You'll find just about everything you need, with many organic choices. There is a Trader Joe's in Hyannis.
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Yes, there are Trader Joe's in Hyannis and also in Hanover, which is on Route 3 only a bit further down than the Whole Foods in Hingham.

If you need more esoteric organic foods than can be found at Whole Foods, there's a two-store chain called Good Health Natural Foods in Quincy and Hanover, both of which are on the way to the Cape via Route 3. I've never been to the Hanover shop, but the Quincy one has parking.
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If you feel like heading further out to Provincetown anyway, there's also a Stop & Shop, and the (very pricy) Bradford Natural Foods market. Even groceries are spendier in Provincetown than elsewhere on the cape, so this is more of an FYI-if-you're-in-Provincetown-anyway than a recommendation.
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There's isn't much in Wellfleet proper other than the Wellfleet Market (expensive, unlikley to be organic) and Hatch's (great looking produce, very expensive, not sure about organic, not sure if it's open off-season). My suggestion is to hit one of the down-Cape places mentioned above and only shop in Wellfleet for the things that you will inevitably forget.
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I agree with either Derby Street Whole Foods which is very easy to get in and out of. Right off the highway in Hingham. Or further down Route 3 at Exit 3 is a shop called The Market it's part of the Pine Hills development. It's like a small whole foods. Not sure of the organic selection. If you are looking for something cheaper also right off the higway is Market Basket in Bourne. It's the first exit right after you go over the bridge. Huge supermarket and a good produce section, not too much organic but you will probably pay almost half as much compared to Whole Foods.
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I was going to mention the Ring Bros in Dennis. It's just off exit 9A.

I believe the big market basket just after the bridge is open, now. Not sure how their organics are, but it looks like a big shiny new store. (haven't been in there)
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