Missed a Registered Mail letter
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I missed a Registered Mail letter - how do I find out who the sender was?

I was notified that a Registered Mail letter was waiting for me at a nearby post office- but it was a busy period so it slipped my mind til the pick-up-by date had passed.
When I called the post office to check in, the letter had already been returned to sender, and they had no record of who the sender had been.

Is there any way to find out?

Canada Post / Toronto.
(Bonus hindrance: this was in September).

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Can't specifically say about Canada Post, but I really, really doubt there is a way to find out: after all, they're not making notes and keeping track of any other mail, right?

The only option here in the US is, on the notice the USPS gives us about picking up the envelope, it'll say the Zip code it came from.
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This happened to me in the US and I never found out who the sender was. Post office told me the same thing.
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