Need to restore rooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus to factory settings
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I've upgraded to a Galaxy S3 and I've sold my old Verizon Galaxy Nexus. It is rooted and running Cyanogenmod 10. I have Rom Manager installed. How do I wipe the data and restore it to the standard Verizon firmware?
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Nexus factory images are here. It should be enough just reflash it.
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Just flashing the factory image will leave it unlocked. If you wish to relock the bootloader and remove that open padlock symbol from the startup screen, follow these directions.
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Why would you want to restore it to the VZ firmware? You will probably get more money for it if you sell it rooted + CM10.

I paid a not-insubstantial premium for my last phone purely for that reason. There are lots of people who want a rooted, non-crapwared phone but aren't willing or able to take the risk of rooting it themselves.
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