Tattooed hand sketching out weird and beautiful artwork.
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Help me find the song of a YouTube ad featuring a beautifully tattooed hand sketching some amazing artwork?

It featured a beautifully tattooed hand sketching with a black pencil and the whole video was so beautiful and entrancing that I forgot all about the music video I clicked to watch (Mariah Carey's Vision of Love if it matters).

First sketch had a woman with octopi-type tentacles wrapped around a ship, last sketch started with circular formation of trees and ended with a circle of white space but filled up the rest of the page. The sketches leaned toward the weird/macabre. The ad had music playing as the artist sketched and I though it would end with a name of the band or the artist drawing it but nothing, nada. It was a little over 3 minutes for the entire 'ad'. I think it might have been rock but I'm terrible at categorizing/recognizing musical genres. There was a throaty male voice. It seemed like a music video made just for the song and not like an ad at all.

Please help find the song (I know there isn't much to go on) and bonus if you know the name of the talented artist! It's driving me crazy and I've waited a week just to be able to ask this question!
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Was it an actual hand or an animated/sketched one? (sorry, I can't quite work that out from your question)

I can remember a music video from the late 90s/early 00s that it might be if it is an animated hand - although I still have to remember the band, my brain wants to say it might have been Train (or a band similar to them).
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An actual live hand. Sigh, doesn't look like anyone knows..oh well. Thanks for trying anyway halcyonday!
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