Now that WeEndure is shutting down...
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Now that WeEndure is going away, I need somewhere to track my exercise. There are a number of places that have biking and running, but not swimming. I'd prefer simpler to the more complex sites like MapMyRun (which, again, doesn't do swimming, from what I can see). I have seen this and wondered what things are out there, four years later. Bonus: a place that I can dump all my WeEndure data into so I hit the ground running.

(I swear, sometimes it's only the threat of not having any data to put into WeEndure that forces me out the door to exercise.)
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DailyMile. I have no idea if it's compatible with WeEndure, but I think it's the largest website of its kind, and isn't going anywhere.
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Does DailyMile allow you to form groups? I can see that you can compete with friends, but it would be nice to have a MeFi group again.
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Fitocracy or BodBot
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There's a MeFi Fitocracy group that's pretty active, and it will track a lot, including swimming. RunKeeper is another service that tracks swimming. I know you can friend people on RunKeeper, but I'm not sure about forming groups.

In what format does WeEndure export? If it exports in .tcx or .gpx, you can import that into RunKeeper, and you can link your RunKeeper account with Fitocracy.
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Looks like they do csv or json export.
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I know someone who was involved in a product called Skimble. Seems to do the sort of thing you want, though I haven't tried it myself.
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Map My Run is a division of Map My Fitness. Map My Fitness covers swimming.
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ditto raisingsand. I have used it for swimming. Also many nutrition sites have a fitness component - I track mine in SparkPeople so I'm tracking in one place. Have hard good things about MyFitnessPal but I've never used it.
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Fitocracy can automatically import RunKeeper data, just in case you like the run tracking from RunKeeper but the logging / points / community in Fitocracy.
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