Can anyone recommend a therapist or accredited counsellor in Edinburgh?
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Asking for a friend. Ideally I'd like to find a well-established mainstream psychotherapist with experience of both acute and long term treatment and support of adult patient with depression. CBT, integrative and/or psychodynamic modes, and with a positive view of integrating with NHS services. Ideally also with reduced rates for low incomes, but this isn't vital. I know about the COSCA list, but am trying to get a recommendation based on opinion or experience. Thanks in advance.
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FYI, your GP can give you a list of referrals even if you're going private.
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Response by poster: Not to threadsit - and thanks for that - but the need is for a consult is in the interim whilst a replacement is found (amongst limited choices) for with a GP who won't take a depressed patient seriously enough to refer.
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In dire straits I have opened the phone book and picked doctors at random, going to whomever could see me first. I found a GREAT shrink this way, in the UK. And psychiatrist taking private patients will take a self-referral.
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