How do I open up my Sony TV projectors?
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I have a Sony VPL-PX40 and a Sony VPL-PX41. How can I open them up to swap the lenses?

One projector has a nice zoom lens, and the other has a fixed lens. I want to put the better lens in the unit with the better LCD screen. But I cannot easily see how to get these projectors open. There must be a secret.

There must be the Sony Service Manual that comes with the projectors, or the new lenses. When I dig around in Google for such a tech manual, I come up empty. Except for "driverdownload"-style spam tech-manual sites which promise everything but deliver... .... nothing? I just get stuck in PDF-promising websites that then send me nowhere, or around in circles.

The projectors are designed to have interchangable lenses. I just cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to open them up and do the deed!
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I'm getting closer. What I'm looking for now is the "Installation Manual for Dealers".
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Google led me to the installation instructions (short text, no pictures) for a Navitar lens. Search for:
px40 navitar filetype:pdf

According to this file, it's only a single screw to remove the cover. Don't drop anything. :)
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